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A Lesson Learned From Time Spent In The Gym…

If there’s one thing I learned in the Fitness Industry (both from personal experience and my peers) is to always see the time spent at the gym as an opportunity to inspire others and also raise the intensity of other people’s workouts around you. Of course you might have some in your circles purposely trying to derail you or talk you out of your goals (by the way you really should be limiting, or downright eliminating, time spent with these types of people) but be confident in knowing that deep down these people secretly wish they can do what you are trying to do. You are in the right! They are not. By bringing your absolute best into the gym, on a consistent basis, you’ll also bring out the best of the people around you. ‪

Plan, plan, plan when it comes to Weight Loss

One of the biggest challenges that new mommies have with #Postpartum weight loss is where to start. It’s so easy to let the hectic lifestyle of being a parent overwhelm us and eating habits get thrown out the door…even completely lost for that matter. When I begin work with a client, the best course of action is obviously the one that works best for them (we all have different lifestyles and responsibilities) but before being able to figure that out in detail we must begin to accurately track nutrition and workouts. This is likely my first recommendation to anyone starting on their weight loss journey and even progressing along with their fitness goals! As a new Mommy myself, I’m still learning how to balance my schedule and workload while being attentive to my growing 8 month old Baby Boy so knowing exactly what I’m eating in advance (and exactly how much) allows me to keep adequately fuelled and also on track with my fitness goals. My Protein, Carbohydrates, Dietary Fats, and Vitamin/Mineral intake is all …


One of the biggest obstacles a person might face when trying to lose weight is peer pressure from friends/family to eat off plan or even skip assigned workouts. While I certainly encourage an off plan meal in the week for flexibility purposes while dieting and even working particular foods into your plan, the bottom line is a strategy must be adhered to for the long term if one is to achieve a particular goal so if you don’t have social support (most of us won’t by the way) then be confident in your choices by taking charge as a leader because people will eventually respect your decisions even if it seems at first that they don’t. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to work with a client who overcomes these obstacles eventually growing into a person that now offers advice and support to others simply because they now ‪#‎LeadByExample‬ rather than just “following the crowd”. Taking charge of your health is admirable and never forget that YOU are the one making the right choices, not …

Mommy Bum

Postural assessment is something that I perform with all of my mommy clients because it’s almost always overlooked especially with weight loss likely being everyones primary concern. I would argue that postural correction for a new mommy will even make you look a few pounds lighter and also feel much better – so pay attention! One of the most common postural imbalances I see with new mommies that are carrying their babies is the #PosteriorTilt which is a postural deviation where your pelvis is tilted backward causing your lower spine to decrease its natural extension. This causes the upper spine and shoulder girdle to round forward to maintain centre of gravity, causing our bums to appear flat and droopy along with our tummies to appear bigger than it should because we’re pushing outwards – not a good look at all! The side effects of this postural imbalance include weak #hips, weak #quadriceps, tight #hamstrings, possible #sciatica, weakened abdominal muscles, tightness in the lower back and neck, along with tight chest muscles. So why does this happen? Obviously carrying a newborn for hours on end …

3 Months Postpartum

When I was pregnant with my son, I had many (and I mean many) people tell me that I would “lose my body” (I’m not sure what that even means). I’m guessing they mean I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my Fitness Goals or something to that extent. While I do admit my schedule has certainly changed, something that I had committed to myself long before even becoming pregnant was i) to be able to physically keep up with my future children and ii) to also be a continued example of health/wellness for them throughout their life. Is it challenging? Of course it is! But it was something I had committed to myself and really no alternative but to work it into my schedule consistently. Will there be days you don’t feel like training? Yes there will and, more than likely, there will be a lot of those days but the key is to stay ‪#‎focused‬. With my STRONG LIKE MOMMY brand, I had a goal of documenting the physical changes of my …

Some weight gain after vacation….who cares???

I’m back from vacation and up about 7 pounds. So why am I posting this? Because a lot of my clients freak out after they come back from a vacation and their scale weight goes up (and this is why you shouldn’t rely on the scale). If you are away and enjoying yourself ➡eating, drinking, relaxing, sun tanning, and of course flying (this is a big one) your body will hold water. For me, it’s NOT 7 pounds of fat that I’ve gained in a span of a week (that’s crazy!). Once you get back to your normal routine those water pounds will come right off and, more importantly, the scale is only measures our relationship with gravity – break up with it, move on and judge your physique with the mirror and how your clothes fit! It’s back to training and long build for this Mama..time to build the booty☺

My Lose The Baby Weight Circuit

Finding the time to get to a fitness class or the gym is nearly impossible when you’re a new mom and there’s probably nothing more you want to do than lose the baby weight or ‘squishiness’. I’m very lucky to have been able to set up an at home gym but even then it can be hard to squeeze a workout in with a teething 5 month old so I’ve come up with a some quick and easy body weight circuits that can get done anywhere, anytime and it only takes 15-20 minutes…easily done during nap time. Give it a try and let me know how it goes in the comments below 🙂  15 Squats 15 Mountain Climbers 15 Burpees 15 Hips Thrusts 15 Lunges 15 Push-ups 15 Crunches 15 sec Plank 15 Jumping Jack Repeat 2-3 times Thank you Under Armour Canada for always supplying me with the BEST EVER active wear 🙂

“On-The-Go” Tuna Recipe

If you’re in a hurry and looking for a delicious meal to stay on plan, try my “On-The-Go Tuna Salad” from my ‪#‎StrongLikeMommy‬ ebook: Ingredients ■ 100 grams of low-sodium flaked white tuna (I use Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna) ■ 1⁄2 cup chopped celery ■ 1⁄2 cup chopped yellow and green peppers ■ 1⁄2 cup grated or finely chopped carrots ■ 1 chopped green onion ■ 1 tsp mustard ■ 1 tsp hot sauce ■ 1 tsp fresh ground black pepper  Directions 1. Mix all ingredients together with a fork 2. Scoop into 1-2 pieces of Rye Toast I love this recipe and is a staple in my diet giving me 30 grams of Protein, 16 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of Dietary Fats along with plenty of flexibility all fitting within the confides of my plan!

Baby Shoulder Presses

Because time is of the essence for all new Mommies, sometimes getting to the gym on a regular basis isn’t a realistic goal but that’s not to say we can’t get our workouts in with some creativity! One of the simplest movements we can do with our Baby is Seated or Standing Shoulder Presses. I recommend performing these when Baby is 3 months or older so the experience of being lifted up and down in a controlled manner is both pleasant and fun. This can be also be used as an alertness game in addition to getting a quick and short shoulder workout in that also allows us to engage our core muscles, preparing us to help build the strength necessary when we’re ready to return to the gym on a more regular basis. – Stand in neutral position with legs shoulder width apart/In seated position with legs – Mommy holds baby firmly under arm pits and around the waist – Straighten arms upwards without locking elbows – Pause Baby at the top and smile …

Plan, plan, plan.

A little caution to the wind and some Food Prep planning helps avoid the dietary mishaps that will often plague our day because we all know that there’s no avoiding food temptations – it’s everywhere right??? As a busy mommy, taking some downtime for food organization helps me stay on track because when I’m on plan – my food is cooked and prepped on the weekends so, during my upcoming busy week, my meals are ready and there are no surprises. I also know, and am well aware, of all of my nutrition obstacles by writing them down along with accompanying solutions to help me avoid any dietary breakdowns in plan…which is usually my hubby. LOL! “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL” Photo by Liana Lauzon MUH by Florencia Taylor