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It’s amazing when an image can be so powerful that there is no reason to provide explanation which is clearly the case here with ‪#‎StrongMommy‬ Tiz P’s mind-blowing progress. I’m beyond proud of what she has accomplished to date (50 lbs lost is an obvious reason) but it is the change in her lifestyle that is the real highlight! She’s cognizant of what she eats, enjoys plenty of food flexibility, her fitness goals are a priority in her life, and she is in tune with her body – can’t ask for more than that. I can’t wait to share more Tiz!!! 🙂

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Carey H.

I’m so proud to be a part of Carey H’s fitness journey. She came to me looking to loose weight after the birth of her 2nd baby and she has achieved so much more than that. Carey came to me very active but only relying on cardiovascular based exercise and she was disheartened because the weight kept creeping upwards so we put together a strategy that had us focusing more on resistance training (beginning with “at home” workouts and eventually transitioning to the gym) for the purpose of strength and shaping her muscles along with a diet that was calculated for her and her goals. We certainly didn’t restrict foods as my main focus was strengthening her metabolism because once we established this, then everything else would fall into place. This STRONG MOMMY was tightening up, enjoying plenty of food and food options, getting stronger, having more energy/vibrancy, loving life, and embracing fitness as a lifestyle. Even though our focus was metabolism, I am so proud to share her 61 lbs transformation! 61!!! In addition …


Last week I got Katrina T. to come over for a visit so we can capture some progress photos and was she ever sizzling hot!!! This competitive Football player came to me looking to tighten up and learn some new things about nutrition and break the “dieting” mindset of avoiding certain foods. We put together a strategy with plenty of food flexibility and higher food intake to fuel this her very active lifestyle as a competitive athlete. As we made progress, we opened up even more food flexibility and freed her from “Dieting Prison”. This STRONG GIRL shredded almost 4 inches around her waist, 3 inches from her hips, and dropped 10 (insignificant) lbs and looks GORGEOUS!!! Love those abs! I can’t wait to share more of Katrina’s journey (and beautiful photos) coming soon!!!