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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress

So gosh darn proud of Jovana G. who is nothing but consistent with her training (and pushing herself more week after week) and hands in awesome Dietary Compliance with every check-in. Love, love, love this! Jovana says, “Jenny I see improvements in all parts of my body! I can’t believe it and I’m fitting back into my smaller clothes. I cannot stress how much how amazing this journey is on my life because even my husband is choosing better food and exercising regularly too! My kids are even eating healthier and I’m so aware of my food choices now. With all of the weight that has come off I feel like I’m back in my own skin and healthier than I’ve been in years!” As for the numbers, this STRONG MOMMY is down 30 lbs along with shredding 6 inches off of her waist, 6 inches off of her thighs, and 3 inches off of her hips. Stay tuned for more Jovana because she’s in the zone!!! I’m so proud of you Jovana!!! 🙂

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress – Lise G.

Lise G. continues to tighten up and even astonishes herself as the weeks go by! This STRONG GIRL is down 26 lbs and has also shredded 7 inches around her waist, 6 inches around her hips, and 8 inches off of her thighs following a sane approach to dieting that consisted of plenty of carbs and meals of her choice through the duration of her program…and very limited cardio. The best part of this awesome progress is…she’s still continuing to lean out even more. Lise says, “Hi Jenny, my abs are starting to come out and all of my Skinny Pants are starting to fall off…” Love it. No tricks. No short cuts. Lots of food. Lots of fun and a hot, tight body to boot that is just about ready for her photo shoot. I can’t wait to share this gorgeous STRONG GIRL’S story 🙂

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress

I’m so proud to share Loretta E’s awesome progress! She came to me 6 short weeks ago from Winnipeg, MB looking to lean out despite being incredibly active. Upon reviewing her questionnaire/profile, I was very impressed with her level of commitment to fitness that all we needed to do was implement more fundamental Strength Training into her program and move away from the conditioning/cardio that she was accustomed to doing. In just a few short weeks, we’ve managed to drop 11 lbs along with 2 inches around her waist, 2 inches around her hips, and 4 inches around her thighs. More importantly the visual transformation is phenomenal and we just started getting into all of the fun stuff such as emphasizing tempo and continuous tension to her muscles along with food flexibility (i.e. Free Meals, PWO Ice Cream, etc.). Loretta says, “Coach I am so excited!!! My face is leaning out and I’m also wearing full sleeved shirts for the first time in years because I don’t feel like a sausage. My shoulders are starting …

STRONG MOMMY Biweekly Progress

With all of my new clients kicking butt on their programs with high compliance, I am so excited to be sharing their progress this week. My veteran girls have been such a huge source of inspiration and guidance that almost everyone is right on track. One of the most common questions I receive in the biweekly reports is – “Am I getting a new program?”. Program updates depend on the individual and (most importantly) progress. When I design a program it is extremely thorough and detailed, made solely for the purpose of my client and their goals. The benefits from the program (and any program) manifest over time and through consistency. That being said, I had to repost TEAM STRONG GIRLS Maud R’s awesome progress over her first 10 weeks…in which I didn’t change her program at all aside from opening up food flexibility in the form of FREE MEALS and PWO ice cream. A great program is one that doesn’t have to be fiddled around with and by adhering to the plan thoroughly, results …