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Happy Family Day Recipe

I just had to share this delicious looking dessert (healthy of course) courtesy of Coach Kim. As a fun snack for my girls I made some Banana, Natural PB & Dark Chocolate Sandwiches. All I can say is that it’s a good thing they were busy while I was making them or there wouldn’t have been time to snap this picture – gone in a flash! Snacks do not have to take a lot of effort to make and don’t always have to come out of a box or a bag. Give these a try and watch them disappear in your house too! Enjoy. Coach Kim

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress

So gosh darn proud of Jovana G. who is nothing but consistent with her training (and pushing herself more week after week) and hands in awesome Dietary Compliance with every check-in. Love, love, love this! Jovana says, “Jenny I see improvements in all parts of my body! I can’t believe it and I’m fitting back into my smaller clothes. I cannot stress how much how amazing this journey is on my life because even my husband is choosing better food and exercising regularly too! My kids are even eating healthier and I’m so aware of my food choices now. With all of the weight that has come off I feel like I’m back in my own skin and healthier than I’ve been in years!” As for the numbers, this STRONG MOMMY is down 30 lbs along with shredding 6 inches off of her waist, 6 inches off of her thighs, and 3 inches off of her hips. Stay tuned for more Jovana because she’s in the zone!!! I’m so proud of you Jovana!!! 🙂

STRONG GIRLS Booty Mission

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress Leaner, leaner, and leaner. That’s exactly what’s happening to the gorgeous Lori-Ann M. as she continues kicking some serious Bootay! A few off plan meals over the holidays? No problem. Free Meal on the weekends? Sure. Carbs? You betcha. Ice Cream after her workouts? Yes Ma’am. This STRONG MOMMY is the epitome of consistent and she is loving the changes in her physique! I can’t wait to get this beautiful lady in front of the camera to capture some progress pictures and truly show off her progress! So proud of you Lori-Ann! You are my Monday Motivation and I am going to go train right now…

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Ashley C.

I’m so proud to share the 12 week transformation of my Agency Wars client, Ashley Chu, who is looking beautiful and shredded. Holy smokes! Dedicated commitment to her training program and diet = results. Period. There’s no shortcutting your plan or your body. Most importantly, it’s not just about the looks because Miss Ashley “Don’t Give An F*** About” Chu also won her fight along with taking the prestigious honour of Agency Wars’ “FIGHT OF THE NIGHT”. Woot woot!!!    

We’re moving

Hi everyone! We are so eager and excited to share the launch of our new website ( over the next few weeks which will be chalk full of STRONG GIRLS information on training, nutrition, recipes, motivation, and (of course) our Success Stories of REAL WOMEN achieving REAL RESULTS. In the meantime can I kindly ask you to head over to the new JVB STRONG GIRLS Facebook page and click “LIKE” as we slowly move all of our Facebook content over? Thank you.

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Lise G.

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Testimonial I had the pleasure of working with Lise G. and proudly watched her transform physically by adhering to her program. We put together a strategy that moved her away from cardio (‪#‎SayNoToCardio‬) and integrated Resistance Training/Weight Lifting to really shape her body. We also created a structured nutrition program for the purpose of achieving her goals along with plenty of food flexibility to equip her with the tools to MAINTAIN AND SUSTAIN her incredible transformation. This STRONG GIRL lost 27 lbs along with shredding off 7 inches around her waist, 6 inches off of her hips, and 8 inches off of her thighs. She looks tight, fit, strong, and gorgeous!!! Lise says, “Hi Jenny, before I joined TEAM STRONG GIRLS, I was working out but didn’t have much direction or focus with what I was doing. I thought I was eating healthy with a bit of binge eating and was obviously having trouble with portion control. I felt sluggish, tired, and was having a terrible year emotionally after my husband left …

Purple Cabbage & Mandarin Fusion Slaw

Cold and Flu season is upon us so I’m extra particular about adding something #Raw to each of my meals. Including more raw foods into our diet can help our overall vitality and health especially during the winter months. Here’s how: 1) A boost to the immune system – The live enzyme from raw fruits, veggies, sprouts, seeds and nuts are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which help our bodies to fight off those yucky seasonal sicknesses like the cold and flu. 2) An increase in energy levels – energy levels tend to dip in the colder weather and shorter days. 3) Aid in a better digestive system – raw foods are extremely high in fibre and live enzymes assisting our bodies to absorb nutrients more efficiently and help with regularity. 4) Better Skin and Anti-Aging Properties – raw foods are extremely cleansing to our bodies and the skin is our largest organ. Adding more raw goodness will help our complexion to become bright and clear and the antioxidant dose will help to smooth …

Deadline Dieting

We’ve all heard someone say, “I’m giving myself (insert arbitrary number here) amount of weeks to lose some weight…” More than likely said person dropped a few pounds on the scale (whether or not it was entirely noticeable is another story altogether) by some silly starvation protocol or food restriction approach only to revert back to previous behaviours or, even worse, eat even more irresponsibly – This doesn’t work. This has never worked. This will never work. When it comes to weight loss and dieting, follow an approach that isn’t extreme. Create dietary structure, reduce calorie intake but use a wide variety of foods, increase activity through Weight Training, enjoy a FREE MEAL or 2 during the week with responsibility and no guilt for the purpose of sanity, then get right back on plan – This works. This has always worked. This will work in the long term too. “IF YOU ARE PERSISTENT, YOU WILL GET IT. IF YOU ARE CONSISTENT, YOU WILL KEEP IT.”

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Joanne J.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Joanne J. (age 48, mother of 2) for the first time and I am so, so, so proud to share her journey with us. She came to us a few months ago looking to lean out and under the tutelage of Coach Kim G. who put together a strategy of consistent exercise along with eating more quality foods measured for her and her goals, this STRONG GIRL is down 21 lbs and has also lost over 23 inches. As far as the scale goes, she is the lightest she’s ever been and feels fantastic! Joanne also borrows her teenage daughter’s clothes! LOL! Love it! Joanne says, “My daughter Jordan and I went on a mother/daughter trip to Cuba in February. Looking at pictures of myself when we got home, I felt terrible because I felt like I looked like a ” square box”, with no shape whatsoever. I had been following JVB Fitness and Nutrition on Facebook because of STRONG GIRLS Tanya B and Kelly …

STRONG GIRLS Recipe – Organic Lean Beef Chuck Stew

As a new Mommy-To-Be I have been feeling the urge to cook more, especially comfort food and heartier dishes like lasagna, stew, chili, curry, spaghetti sauces…you name it! Lets just say my hubby is very happy right now. 🙂 Since stew was a staple in my household growing up I felt the need to know how to make it. It’s funny because I would always turn my nose up at the idea of stew for dinner but now I crave it? Well I’m just going to blame my new found cravings on those darn pregnancy hormones…so I invested in a Crock Pot and made the healthiest version of “stew” that I could. I chopped and mixed all ingredients into the crock-pot, set it on slow cook for 10 hours and hit the sack…fast forward to the morning and voila it was done. It was simple, tasty and definitely a MUST TRY! Ingredients – Serves 6-8 2-4 pounds of organic lean beef chuck stew meat 1/2 cup spelt flour Sea Salt and Pepper to taste 3 …