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Purple Cabbage & Mandarin Fusion Slaw

Cold and Flu season is upon us so I’m extra particular about adding something #Raw to each of my meals. Including more raw foods into our diet can help our overall vitality and health especially during the winter months. Here’s how: 1) A boost to the immune system – The live enzyme from raw fruits, veggies, sprouts, seeds and nuts are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which help our bodies to fight off those yucky seasonal sicknesses like the cold and flu. 2) An increase in energy levels – energy levels tend to dip in the colder weather and shorter days. 3) Aid in a better digestive system – raw foods are extremely high in fibre and live enzymes assisting our bodies to absorb nutrients more efficiently and help with regularity. 4) Better Skin and Anti-Aging Properties – raw foods are extremely cleansing to our bodies and the skin is our largest organ. Adding more raw goodness will help our complexion to become bright and clear and the antioxidant dose will help to smooth …

Lean on Life Article – “Whole Foods for Optimum Living”

I’m very excited to share my first article on Lean On Life ( and even more excited to join their very talented writing staff consisting of fitness, nutrition, and medical professionals. Please click “like” on their Facebook page to catch my weekly articles ( Link to article:¬†