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I’m just about 2 weeks postpartum (tomorrow actually) and almost feeling like my old self. With the launch of my new STRONG LIKE MOMMY Prenatal ebook and getting back on track with some functional movements (along with posting a handful of progress photos), I’ve received about a dozen private (and some public) messages about my Postnatal activities such as quickly returning to Deadlifts and Squats. Some of admiration and also some of concern. To be perfectly clear my current lifting is a fraction of my pre-pregnancy activities. Because I feel stronger and functional (and I received the green light by my doctor because my recovery was right on track) it was perfectly okay for me to return to my regular activity…choosing Squats and Deadlifts as my principal movements. Not surprisingly to most women these 2 particular exercises (Squats and Deadlifts) seem very daunting. For most new moms, these 2 movements might even look DANGEROUS in addition to being very unorthodox and “not at all feminine” (what is that anyways?). Just to back track I consider …

TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress

So gosh darn proud of Jovana G. who is nothing but consistent with her training (and pushing herself more week after week) and hands in awesome Dietary Compliance with every check-in. Love, love, love this! Jovana says, “Jenny I see improvements in all parts of my body! I can’t believe it and I’m fitting back into my smaller clothes. I cannot stress how much how amazing this journey is on my life because even my husband is choosing better food and exercising regularly too! My kids are even eating healthier and I’m so aware of my food choices now. With all of the weight that has come off I feel like I’m back in my own skin and healthier than I’ve been in years!” As for the numbers, this STRONG MOMMY is down 30 lbs along with shredding 6 inches off of her waist, 6 inches off of her thighs, and 3 inches off of her hips. Stay tuned for more Jovana because she’s in the zone!!! I’m so proud of you Jovana!!! 🙂

Goal setting with my Baby Bean…Like Mommy.

Since it’s Social Media’s famous Throwback Thursday, I decided to go through some older photos and stumbled upon an image captured during a photo shoot I did with the incredible Paul Buceta (which actually wasn’t even that long ago but now feels like a lifetime ago with my growing belly). As I’m deep into the 2nd Trimester of my pregnancy, one of the most harrowing thoughts that can go through an expecting Mommy’s mind is “how do I get back into pre-baby shape?”. These thoughts are echoing through my mind more frequently but what’s keeping me grounded is the fact that I haven’t deviated from consistent exercise and keeping on top of the training program I designed for myself. Knowing that I’m going to meet the new love-of-my-life in a few more months gives me butterflies as my excitement grows by leaps and bounds almost hourly. I’m also starting to feel his little kicks and movements so my imagination of giving him kisses and snuggles is happening constantly. With fitness being such a major component …