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Thanksgiving Mommy Circuit

Happy Thanksgiving! I am truly blessed and thankful for this past year. Becoming a Mommy and having my beautiful son makes the holidays a little more special (actually way more special). This year we decided to celebrate in Bahamas for our first family vacation. Although we will miss all our family in Toronto we are so excited to spend time on the beach the 3 of us. Lets hope Jackson cooperates on the plane (eek!). For everyone who is here celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this time of year can get super busy especially for Mommies who tend to take on the brunt of the work like; planning the holiday gathering, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, cooking the turkey dinner while entertaining the kiddos. This is a lot of work and a lot of time and more often than not Mommies will put off their own tasks and goals to make sure the family is taken care of, sound about right? If you are working on yourself, have fitness goals or trying to lose weight  don’t just …

Fit-Mommy Killer Circuit #2

Have no time? Try my second Fit-Mommy Killer Circuit and #LoseTheBabyWeight My little guys didn’t want to nap so I brought the Bumbo outside and he watched Mommy huff and puff …he even giggled. Start off by completing two rounds and work yourself up to the third in a couple of days. Try the circuit outdoors while the weather is still beautiful and let me know how it goes. Oh yes…I also had Ice Cream for my PWO.  One of my favourite post workout ‘fun food’ is a Skinny Cow Ice Cream. Why? Because they are the perfect combination of simple carbs and low fat with 30 g Carbs, 3 g Protein and only 2 g of fat and only 140 calories. One Ice cream sandwich with a protein shake powered by New Zealand Whey Isolate (22 g Protein per serving) is the perfect way to end off a butt kicking. My workouts are quick and efficient and my food is Yummy…Strong Girls Style 🙂

What I’m Eating and How I’m Training

Over the past couple of months I have received a ton of messages asking what I personally eat on a daily bases especially now that I’m breastfeeding. So … I decided to share exactly what I’m eating to prepare for a photo shoot in October. Let me just start off by saying this shoot prep has been a lot different for me 1) I’m a very busy Mommy looking after a 5 month old 2) I am running a full time business with a lot of new expansions on the go, and 3) we just moved into a new home and no I do not have a Nanny. It has been crazy to say the least. For the most part, I eat relatively well and fuel my body with the right nutrients from the very best food sources. I will incorporate lean animal proteins, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and healthy fats with each meal. I snack on a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds (in moderation), whole grain crackers and cheese or …