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Baby Kiss Push Ups

Being a new Mommy is the most wonderful thing in the world! The feeling I have with my Little Boy is the beyond anything I can describe! As an entrepreneur and new mommy of 4 plus months, my schedule has been erratic to say the least but have been integrating him into my regular schedule as much as possible…even including exercise! What better way than to engage in one of the oldest exercises in the books, the Push Up, than to come up with something creative and incredibly enjoyable with my Baby Munchkin? BABY KISS PUSH UPS!! Push Ups have so much staying power in the world of athletics and physical development because, if done correctly, its one of the most effective and simplest exercises to build a stronger upper body and tighter midsection (say no to Mummy Tummy)! With Baby SAFELY underneath you, simply lower yourself downwards while squeezing your chest muscles while inhaling and give baby a big smooch followed by exhaling and pressing your body back up! In addition to the Push …


I love summer and what better way to go into my weekend than a refreshing and cool protein shake with my signature BERRY BLAST BONANZA PROTEIN SHAKE powered by Interactive Nutrition! Ingredients for my Berry Blast Bonanza Protein Shake: ■ 1 cup water or almond milk ■ 1⁄2 cup frozen or fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or blackberries) or a mixture ■ 1⁄2 frozen banana ■ 1 tbsp chia seeds ■ 1 scoop Vanilla InterActive Isolate or Whey protein powder Directions 1. Blend in blender for 10 to 15 seconds 2. Savour and enjoy! For more delicious STRONG LIKE MOMMY recipes, download my Prenatal Ebook ( and watch out for STRONG GIRLS Recipe Book coming soon!