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Break Up With The Scale

I love when my girls break free from dieting prison which, to me, also includes the torturous act of continuously weighing yourself. It’s incredible how many of us can be affected either positively or negatively by what the number on the scale says. The truth of the matter is the scale only tells us our relationship to gravity. When used in conjunction with additional information it does have its value but over time, as one progress with their fitness goals and their physique, the scale becomes less relevant. I actually encourage the “break up” with the scale to happen as early as possible. That being said, I am so happy any time I receive a message from one of my girls that has done just that! Marilynn R. says, “Jenny I have officially broken up with the scale. I never, ever weigh myself anymore. In fact, after the batteries died in my scale over a month ago, I took the thing, boxed it up, and put it away in my closet. I don’t even care …

Non-Scale Victories

When my clients check-in with me, usually they’re so fixated on the scale as a measure of success or failure. Quite often (when compliance is high), there are so many other wonderful victories that are far more important to highlight such as: i) better overall health ii) more energy iii) looser pants iv) look better in clothes v) strength vi) tighter and leaner looking physique vii) looser rings viii) healthier and responsible eating habits ix) compliments x) and (even better) MORE compliments! (you’ll only understand this if you’ve been compliant) To me, the scale tells us our relationship to gravity…and not much more than that. It is one piece of analysis that I use to gauge dieting success. Without a doubt, the NON-SCALE VICTORIES are much more amazing than the number in-between our feet.