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Now that I’m almost caught up from taking some downtime from delivering my Baby Boy Jackson, I’m even more inspired by my STRONG MOMMY clients. Andrea L. absolutely kicked butt with her program and dropped 17 lbs along with shredding 5 inches around her waist, 4 inches off of her thighs, and 2 inches off of her hips. More importantly she looks phenomenal and achieved her hot body with very limited cardio work, a whole lot of carbs, and plenty of food flexibility. Andrea says, “My goal with Jenny was to loose my stubborn baby weight but, just as important, I wanted to feel strong again too. After having my son Mason, I felt weak and had aches and pains post pregnancy that I never had before so I wanted to remedy that as quickly as possible. In terms of dedication and accountability I have surprised myself. The STRONG GIRLS community has definitely helped me keep compliant and accountable. Seeing all of the other STRONG GIRLS and STRONG MOMMY’S success stories and amazing progress was …


While I take enormous pleasure watching my girls transform, the feeling of watching my girls grow into something more than they ever imagined truly makes my job as a Coach 1000 times more rewarding. TEAM STRONG GIRLS May R. has accomplished so much in such a short period of time and now has her own blog sharing with us her journey from her own perspective. If you haven’t signed up for her blog, please take moment to do so and find out how this incredible STRONG MOMMY of 3 completely transformed her body (20 lbs lost and a couple of trophies for her first Bikini show) and has now embraced the Fitness Lifestyle! I’m so proud of her!!!  

An amazing post by Coach Kim

WE ALL HAVE FLAWS… Nobody is perfect.  I have always been very self conscious of what I affectionately call my “mummy tummy” … the loose skin left as a result of my pregnancies.  However, when I received these images from my post contest photo shoot I was surprised. I was able to look at myself in a more subjective way (because although I would love to I don’t walk around everyday with abs like this) and rather then focusing negatively on my “problem area” I actually felt a sense of pride… weird right? For the first time it hit me how far I’ve really come along this journey, yet never forgetting where I started. I’ve gone through two pregnancies to stepping on a stage for my first fitness model competition and this picture shows those two worlds colliding… and I’m proud of both.   I’ve learned to fuel my body and treat it right, and by doing so it’s taken me to a place I never thought possible. Coach Kim