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Deadline Dieting

We’ve all heard someone say, “I’m giving myself (insert arbitrary number here) amount of weeks to lose some weight…” More than likely said person dropped a few pounds on the scale (whether or not it was entirely noticeable is another story altogether) by some silly starvation protocol or food restriction approach only to revert back to previous behaviours or, even worse, eat even more irresponsibly – This doesn’t work. This has never worked. This will never work. When it comes to weight loss and dieting, follow an approach that isn’t extreme. Create dietary structure, reduce calorie intake but use a wide variety of foods, increase activity through Weight Training, enjoy a FREE MEAL or 2 during the week with responsibility and no guilt for the purpose of sanity, then get right back on plan – This works. This has always worked. This will work in the long term too. “IF YOU ARE PERSISTENT, YOU WILL GET IT. IF YOU ARE CONSISTENT, YOU WILL KEEP IT.”