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One of the the most interesting side effects from breastfeeding is these crazy chocolate cravings I’m getting. I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth before or during pregnancy and I could easily pass up dessert, sweets or cookies but now it’s a completely different story. Since I started breastfeeding all I want is chocolate! I’ve been eating Lindt bars like they are going out of business (seriously!) but to my pleasant surprise there is actually a scientific explanation. When a woman nurses, deficiencies in magnesium or iron can occur making her desire chocolate, which has a fair amount of both minerals. Yay! That is a good enough excuse for this mama. With increasing my magnesium intake to 600 mg per day I decided to whip up my Chocolate Mousse recipe from my Strong Like Mommy Ebook, it definitely hit the spot and I got my chocolate fix with  an abundance of healthy fats (also super important while breastfeeding), lean protein from New Zealand Whey Protein Powder and skipped out on the process sugar – win, …

Coconut Chocolate Protein Frozen Yogurt

Summer is finally here and what better way to cool down than with a sweet treat that isn’t full of saturated fat and processed sugar.  You can easily make this a head of time and I love the idea of pouring the mixture into Popsicle molds but I didn’t have any (boo!). I’m off to buy Popsicle molds now…stay tune for my next protein frozen treat.  Bring on Summer! Ingredients: 2 Scoops of New Zealand Whey Protein Powder form Interactive Nutrition 1 cup Plain Greek Yogurt 1 cup Coconut Cream 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder 2 tbsp Coconut Sugar 2 tbsp Raw Organic Coconut Flakes How To Make: Blend all ingredients until a smooth consistency Pour into a baking dish or container (approximately 2 inches deep) Freeze for at least 2 hours Scoop and serve into a bowl  Top with coconut flakes