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Do you compare yourself to others?

The wonderful thing about having goals is everyone starts off on their own their very own personal journey…

But the biggest mistake people can make when starting something life changing is comparing themselves to others.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”.

This quote resonates with me because when I started to put together my own Personal and Professional goals a few years ago, Social Media was brand new and I had easier access to many people that I looked up to…

I saw all forms of success and, admittedly, there were moments when I felt overwhelmed and discouraged (because I’m human) but rather than have it keep me down I quickly learned to channel what I saw into inspiration.

We’re all in different stages of our journey and when we see pictures or videos of others at a more advanced stage, we can sometimes lose perspective of what we’re actually really trying to achieve.

And the reality check of what it really takes to achieve success.

Someone’s “after” picture doesn’t show all of the hard work, the obstacles, the challenges, and commitment they put into their journey that lead up to their “after” photos.

So it’s unfair to be disappointed in thinking, “Why haven’t I gotten there yet?”

I bring this up because I sometimes field some discouraged messages after posting our incredible Success Stories and there’s no reason for that…

It’s an opportunity to be motivated!

Each and every single one of us are at different stages on our journey and we all have different goals…

And we’re all individually blessed to be able to experience the journey to success…

So don’t ever forget…

Success isn’t “one size fits all”.

If you’re struggling with your Fitness Goals and don’t know where to start, fill out my questionnaire and let me know how I can help.

See you on the other side 🙂

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