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I Wasn’t Expecting This…

My favourite fitness magazine – Inside Fitness Magazine holds a Top 100 Fitness Models issue every year called the Hot and Fit 100

For the last few years it’s an issue that I always look forward to because of all of the beautiful and fit women who are smashing their fitness and business goals.

So inspring!!!

I know most of the winners have gone on to do incredible things in the fitness industry leveraging their exposure as the cover feature and, for me personally, I’ve looked up to many of the women that regularly appeared in the Hot and Fit.

I vividly remember the inaugural Hot and Fit 100 issue featuring the gorgeous Lyzabeth Lopez (my She hero!!!) and went through the magazine admiring all of the beautiful women and their careers.

You see at the same time I was working a job that required me to travel 2 1/2 hours per day (and can’t even remember what I really did), made very little money, couldn’t afford to pay my bills (and was drowning heavily in debt), suffered deeply from anxiety and insecurity, and partying my life away…giving up on any growth in my life and all but abandoning the fitness lifestyle that I loved in my early 20s.

Going through that inaugural issue and seeing how strong and beautiful the women were in the magazine inspired me to make a few changes in my life:
It inspired me to start exercising regularly again (and never looking back), it inspired me to create a vision board for myself to prioritize what I really wanted to do in life (and draw out a plan to make it happen), it inspired me to reach out to established and successful Fitness Professionals for advice and direction, and it inspired me to go back to school and become a Registered Nutritionist…and dust off my Personal/Group Training Certifications.

And that issue also inspired me to dream.

And because I began to love fitness again…I slowly made a name for myself in the fitness industry, slowly began to apply my knowledge of helping other women with their health and fitness goals, slowly was able to stand on my 2 feet financially and independently, and slowly build a small business that was all mine.

SLOWLY being the key word here because nothing come over night!

7 years later, after growing a business dedicated to helping women transform their bodies and their lifestyle (much like the way I did for myself), I was selected as this year’s Hot and Fit 100 Winner.

I wouldn’t wish my previous life struggles and personal insecurities on anyone but am so grateful that, 7 years ago, there was something that got me off my butt and to move forward with my life.

Yup…it was that magazine.

While I never aspired to be on the cover (because that would be crazy right???), that magazine offered a collection of strong and beautiful goal smashers that prompted me to change and give me the shake I needed to stop being a degenerate. LOL!

It sounds cliche but being selected the Hot and Fit Winner is really a dream come true (surreal actually since it still hasn’t sunk into me) and, this year, I hope the work I do with my clients and the content I post on this page inspires others to dream bigger too.

Because that’s what life is really all about, isn’t it?

Go getting and then Go Giving? At least for me it is.

For anyone that has ever worked with me or supported me (especially on this page since it is the hub of my Social Media platforms), I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because so many people were instrumental on my journey, I will always have your back and be available for questions/advice on business branding within the Fitness Industry (doing my best to share my experiences).

The magazine is now on newsstands or if you want a digital copy sick here –>

Love you all and forever grateful…
– Jenny

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  1. Valerie Preston says

    Great blog Jenny and so well articulated. I too struggled with insecurity as a young woman and allowed it to hold me back in more ways than you can imagine. Today I am happy to say that I’ve conquered my insecurity and fears and have experienced true joy in my lif as a result of letting go. It’s liberating and spills over I yo every aspect of my life. I know Tanya had some of these struggles and anxieties as well. Time is a wonderful.healer and life experiences help us grow and blossom I to the people were meant to be. For some this process takes longer but u personally feel we all get there eventually. Your honestly and account of your feelings are to be admired. Thank you for sharing.

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