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5 Fitness Tips For The Holidays

With the holidays upon us there are countless goodies of food, drink, parties, and events.

In fact many fitness enthusiasts even dread this time of year because of all the delicious temptations that might throw them off plan from their goal of sculpted abs or a leaner mid-section.

Say what???

In fact the later part of the year includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years – talk about a landmine of extra calories!

The truth of the matter is you’re not going to be very successful with your goals if you try to avoid everything…and it’s going to be a very miserable Holiday Season.

So rather than avoid all of your friends and loved ones, here are some tips to manage those unwanted pounds.

i) Water

Drink your water. I had to repeat this again.

Personally I take in 3-4 L water daily and always recommend my clients to do the same because not only does it provide hydration, aids in controlling cortisol levels (the stress hormone that causes weight gain), delivers nutrients and oxygen throughout the body; it can also help keep us lean.

For the Holidays, drinking ample amounts of water also helps combat cravings because studies show many people think they’re hungry when, in fact, they’re thirsty.

Keep you water intake up. And, no, vodka doesn’t count.

ii) Eat your Carbs

Really??? Yes really – eat your carbs.

If you’re thinking of skipping your carbs during the holidays (or ever), don’t.

Carbs are not the enemy. Never have been. Never will be. Carbs will not make you fat (please refer to all of my posts on behaviours if you need a refresher).

At the end of the day total calories consumed for the day is what either keeps us at maintenance, surplus, or a deficit but this post really isn’t dedicated to that right now.

Carbohydrates are so essential for fat loss, performance, and (without carbs) will only set your fitness goals back…even in December.

Most people love fast absorbing carbs (High GI…you know…the tasty kind) and the best time to have this is right after your workout (PWO anyone?) which is when I like to have them especially after a great sweat sesh.

So eat up.

iii) Have A Plan

If you’re serious about your fitness goals have a plan…for being off plan.

No we’re likely not going to be spot on with our macros or calories but we don’t need to be because the holidays is a time for love, laugh, and memories.

Manage the meals you can and control the portions of the meals you can’t.

Then get right back on track when the holidays is over.

So that means even if you had some extra chocolate, enjoy every bite and move on.

And don’t forget to use my Food Substitution Calculator if you need help portioning your foods!

I also have a 5 Day Reset in case you really overdid it too.

iv) Workout

Before I owned my Fitness Studio, I used to get some of the most ferocious workouts in during the month of November and December…simply because the gym was nice and empty.

Don’t be that person waiting around for “January 1” when the gyms are overloaded with people starting their New Years Resolutions.

Get started on your workouts now…and stay consistent by truly embracing fitness (which is really anti-aging) into your life.

v) Make Memories

Get out there and let your most cherished loved ones know how you feel.

If you’re away from your friends and loved ones, I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t have the same opportunities that most of us have and by donating a little bit of our time we can really change a person or families life.

Hopefully these Fit Tips continue to keep you in shape during the holidays and if you have any other helpful tips for the holiday season, please comment below so I can share them.

Happy Holidays!

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