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My Top 8 Holiday Gifts For That Fitness Enthusiast On Your List

It is that time of year again. Tis the shopping season or shall I say Confusion Season!?

So many of us subject ourself to mindless shopping in hopes to find the right gifts but we end up heading home from the chaotic mall with a generic gift card…am I right?

Well if you have a”Fitness Enthusiast” on your list, I’m here to help but I’ll say sorry in advanced to all the other people you have no idea what to buy for :/

My Top 8 Holiday Fitness Gifts That I Recommend

  1. Fitness Magazine Subscription. We all like to get inspired and motivated and nothing does that better than a good Ol’ fitness magazine, give your loved one a subscription to the #1 Selling magazine in Canada,  Inside Fitness Women 
  2. Smile Wholefood Blends – All-In-One Organic blends of chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp hearts offering different flavours like goji berries, cranberries, coconut and cocoa. Just 1 tablespoon will add  a tasty and nutritional punch to any of your snacks while saving shelf space. A great little stocking stuffer!
  3. Booty Bands – We all want our A$$’s high and round, am I right? These are a must to activate those glute muscles and build fuller, leaner and stronger booties.  Purchase all strength resistance HERE **You can also link them to a specific program incorporating these essential booty bands, my 28 Day Workout Challenge 
  4. The Kettlebell – If you follow me, you know why I love the kettlebell. It’s a tough resistance workout without stepping foot into a gym. Perfect for busy Moms! Buy directly online HERE – I recommend a 10 pound for beginners and anywhere from 15-25 lbs for the regular gym goer.
  5. KiiNatural Crips – These are sooooo yummy and great for a stocking filler. They are all organic, non GMO and the modern day cracker. I personally love them as a post workout with my protein shake on the side. I have 12-15 crips to meet my daily macro PWO and they feel like a yummy treat even while watching what you’re eating.
  6. Under Armour Sport Bra and Undies – As a Mom who nursed for 15 months these Under Armour Sports Bras are the best. They offer full support and shape…a must have for any “Mama Gym Goer” Check them out HERE! The underwear is also the bomb! They offer seamless comfort and wick sweat, here you go
  7. The book My Heart, My Self – As a mom and entrepreneur  who alway is on the go and wants to perfect every aspect in my life, this book spoke volumes to me. We need to be okay with slowing down, listening to our bodies (even if we are physically fit) and also learn how to take the “me-time” we need. I recommend this book to EVERY Mom. Click HERE to purchase
  8. Strong Girl Tank – There is nothing more empowering than labelling yourself as a “Strong Girl” we are strong, dedicated and powerful women who believe in putting ourselves first so everyone in our lives can benefit. Give the gift of empowerment with a Strong Girls Tank –>

I hope I made your life a little easier. HAPPY HOLIDAYS Fit Friends 🙂



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