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Toxic People – Get Rid Of Them

One of the biggest struggles my clients constantly encounter is guilt from “friends” just for choosing to be a better version of themselves.

Of course it’s not just my clients.

It’s almost everyone that wants to take their fitness goals to another level.

Even me!

While I certainly encourage a periodic dieting break while “on plan” to be used with friends, family, or loved ones so there’s plenty of room to enjoy food freely without getting negative commentary about your health choices…

There are always others that are scheming to derail you or belittle you simply because they can’t take charge of their own life.

So my advice when it comes to those people who belittle your goals and ambition: GET RID OF THEM.

They’re TOXIC.

Because when you do get rid of them, it’s still not fast enough.

Having supportive people in your life is so important and when they fit my “Triangle Of Safety”, then I know I’m in good company.

i) People that are truly happy for your success.
ii) People that you can hold confidence in and trust.
iii) People that are good listeners.

If they don’t fit my Triangle, then they don’t fit in my life.

It’s always comforting (and human necessity) to have a good support group but, for the sake of your own happiness and goals, make sure your support group fits into the Triangle Of Safety.

If it doesn’t fit, then you’ll likely find yourself in continuous (and very unnecessary) #ToxicDrama in your life derailing you from your goals.

For me, I’d rather surround myself with 4 Quarters…than 100 Pennies.

Are the people you surround yourself with supportive? Or disruptive?

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  1. Suzanne says

    Great post Jenny! Cause we all know fake people are like pennies/two-faced and worthless 😊

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