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Find Out How This New Mom Of 2 Lost Over 50 Pounds

When my beautiful Tiz Parente came to me a couple of years ago, she was desperate to take charge of her health and also frustrated from years of continuous dieting (trying everything under the sun).

And also struggling with weight for as long as she can remember and even more so after 2 pregnancies.

Even her very first email to me had the tone of defeat before I even put together her plan.

Fast forward to today and this incredible Mom of 2 is a guiding source of inspiration and information for my new clients.

Struggled? Tiz did.

Frustrated? Tiz was.

Overcome her fears and conquered her goals? Tiz did…and just SMASHED IT OUT OF THE PARK!

We put together a strategy for initial weight loss using plenty of food flexibility and then, over time, transitioned to strengthening and shaping her body.

With over 50 lbs lost, this amazing super mom is also an inspiration for her family in making healthy food choices while also enjoying plenty of food variety and balance.

Tiz says, “Jenny words alone cannot express the infinite gratitude I feel toward you for positively influencing and chaining my life for the better.

When we started together, I was cautiously optimistic about making progress but with your guidance, support, optimism, and reassurance I have managed to transform my body, strengthen my mind, and boost my self esteem and confidence.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Lately every time I post anything on Tiz it makes me weepy because her fitness journey is incredibly special to me.

My correspondence with her was always heartfelt both ways – the struggles, the challenges, the success, and (now) the future and what lies ahead.

We did it Tiz!!! I’m so proud of you!

And you know what’s next…we’re going to smash the sh*t out of bigger goals! 😀

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