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Find Out How This Mom Lost The Baby Weight & Kept It Off


Words alone cannot describe how proud I am of this Beautiful, Smoking Hot Momma!

Jordanna came to me looking looking to lose 10 lbs primarily in her belly and back area after the birth of her daughter.

We started with “At Home” workouts but quickly transitioned her to the gym for weight lifting to truly shape her physique.

Our biggest obstacle together was emotional eating situations so we worked very closely together rebuilding her relationship with food and also herself.

Today she is one of my “Go To” girls on my team helping direct my newer clients with her guidance, experience, and genuine positivity…and that is what makes me most proud in terms of her journey.

But let’s not look past the obvious…

Holy Moly she looks incredible!!!

Jordanna has lost over 20 lbs (more than DOUBLING her goal) including shaving off 8 inches around her belly button and 4 inches around her hips.

Even better she looks tighter, leaner, and just all around fit!

Jordanna says, “A couple of years ago I finally realized I needed professional guidance specifically related to nutrition.

I tried getting my Pre-Baby body back but wasn’t very successful on my own but then found Coach JVB and was excited by the prospect of Online Training and a Flexible Approach to managing my schedule.

My only concern was whether or not it would truly work for MY body and MY lifestyle.

When I got my plan I was surprised by how much food I actually needed to be eating to ensure proper nutrition.

I even had opportunities to eat a meal of my choice each week where I celebrated birthdays, date nights and special events.

What was unexpected was the support I got from Jenny – she’s there for me every step of the way which really can only have been facilitated through the access of being an online program.

After even a few short weeks I started to see initial results. My pants were looser, I had more energy and even my skin was clearer.

I was becoming the physical representation of what I always envisioned for myself and has brought about a confidence I’ve never had before.

I’m so happy in my own skin and that for me it’s worth every day that I committed and remained consistent with my goals.”

I have a lot more of my beautiful Jordanna…coming soon!

Mic drop…

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