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Have You Gained Some Summer Fluff?

Okay, okay, okay…I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoyed the summer as well as the food to go along with the beautiful weather (yikes!).

We had weekends full with things to do and people to see – barbecues, pool parties, entertainment parks, my son’s many play-dates…he seriously has more of social life than me.

Oh how times have changed.

My workout schedule was roughly 4 times a week but with my family being so busy, enjoying the weather, and seeing other family and friends my diet and training took a back seat.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, it’s a common problem and I hear many Mom’s complain about the extra 5, 10 or 15 lbs of “fluff” they’ve gained over the summer.

So with September approaching, I’m going to be so bold in saying “It’s time for structure and less social gatherings!!”

Yes, I know…all the fun maybe over but it’s time to refocus, set goals and crush them…and that to me can be even more fun, way more rewarding for sure.

I created a top 6 ‘To-Dos’ to get organized and back on track with our goals.

Are you with me?

TOP 6 Back-On-Track September Goals

  1. Drink more water – 3-4 litres a day
  2. Eat lean protein with every meal – eggs, egg whites, white fish, chicken, turkey, lean beef etc.
  3. Cut out all processed stuff and eat real food (no box items or anything that has ingredients listed)
  4. Cut out alcohol, wine, beer, juice, sodas.
  5.  Add veggies with every meal, healthy fats and complex carbs.
  6. Workout 5-6 times a week

These sound simple but sometimes our old habits sneak back in (it’s human nature).

This is why I created my 28 Day Workout Challenge to kick off September.

It’s a challenge that will keep us accountable to each other.

The workouts can be done at home and they will take 20 minutes or less.

I’ve also included an exclusive discounted price to my customized fat loss diets that myself and my clients use to shed body fat and gain a lean physique – my 28 Day Fat Loss Blueprint.

Click here to join –  http://bit.ly/Workout-Challenge  The workout Challenge is FREE for a limited time offer. Ask a friend to join and do it together.

Let’s start September off with a bang.




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