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“Life Always Gets In The Way…”

None of us are exempt from the pressures in life.

We all have stress and situations that test us or possibly even push us to the brink of crumbling.

All too often, something or someone or some moment, causes us to lose track of our goal and revert back to behaviours that no longer add value to our lives.

We’ve all been there right?

Of course most of the time we don’t choose our adversity BUT we certainly have the power to choose our response to it.

And it’s this response that I call the “IF Factor”.

IF we respond positively to challenges and difficulties, then the outcome will be potentially positive.

IF we respond negatively to our challenges and difficulties, then the outcome will be potentially negative.

IF we respond to challenges and difficulties in the same manner as we always respond to it (i.e. emotional eating, BLTs, etc.), then the outcome will almost certainly be the same.

The pain of adversity never leaves us unchanged, but if treated right, can be the catalyst for growth.

So welcome these challenges because the universe is telling us – WE’RE READY FOR IT.
Adversity introduces us to ourselves.

Whether we’re ready to truly get to know ourselves and what we’re made of is the real question.


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