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What Is The Best Program For A Mom To Get Her Pre-Baby Body Back?

I wouldn’t say there is 1 best way or specific way to achieve this in terms of exercise (but diet is still the #1 driver for Fat Loss) but getting started and staying active on a regular basis is the first step.

Once you enjoy what you’re doing then stick to programs that work and don’t overthink the process.

There is so much fitness and nutrition information out there but I, personally, believe in the basics and foundational movements to truly shape the body.

With my Mommy duties, I now train 4 times a week with basic fundamental strength movements.

These are the primary functional movements I design my program around:

a. Squat variations
b. Deadlifting movements
c. Over Head Presses
d. Rows
e. Lat Pull Downs
f. Hip Thrusts/Glute Bridges
g. Core work (** work with a Pelvic Floor Specialist during pregnancy and postnatal to make sure everything is in working order **)

Of course ALWAYS use a weight/resistance that you’re comfortable with to start even if it’s just bodyweight.

Postnatal isn’t the time to try and break your strength records or try anything out of the ordinary so progress accordingly.

For conditioning, I also will perform HIIT or a Metabolic Circuit twice a week along with taking walks with the stroller 3-4 times a week if the weather is nice.

Getting back on track with your fitness goals is hard especially after the birth of your baby.
Take it slow and enjoy the process.

Your focus will be back in no time!

*To help guide you on what foods to eat and how much to eat in order to lose the baby weight download my >>> Fat Loss Blueprint. This is what I used to get my pre-baby body back and a ton of my postnatal clients.





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