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A couple of years ago, my hubby and I had the blessed opportunity to visit Japan as part of our honeymoon.

This, of course, was a surprise to me because my husband likes to live by the seat of his pants and take me along on his adventures (part of why I love him and also how he drives me crazy lol) so he completely rerouted our trip home from Hawaii to the opposite direction (who does this??? LOL!) all because he wanted to eat sushi at a particular restaurant that required booking a few months in advance.

I’m a planner. So after our very organized trip to Hawaii, I had some anxiety leaving the planning to my hubby going to Japan but because this was his idea I left it to him to research what we we were going to do and see. Because life with my hubby is always an adventure, I just sat back and let everything unfold because he is oodles of fun.

Of course he barely did any planning beginning with not having a hotel to stay in because somehow all of Tokyo was booked (thank God for AirBnB and, seriously, who does this???

No hotel before arriving? LOL!) and not putting together a plan to see the sites he wanted us to.

His “plan” was to rely on figuring out the subway system (see attached) and asking for directions (nobody spoke English).

We also didn’t have any money on us when we landed nor had any idea of the currency exchange…or even what their bank machines looked like! Oh Vincey…

To make a long story short – we got to see Mt.Fuji, we got to eat at the sushi restaurant that he booked, I got to shop in the most amazing place ever, and we got to experience their wonderful culture.

Fast forward to today and anytime a landmark in Japan is mentioned, he always says, “Hey! I wish we got to see that!”.

Every time he says that I want to strangle him. To date we have missed out on so many other things to see in that beautiful country simply because of POOR PLANNING.

The point of my post is this – most people start their day like the unprepared traveller (i.e. Vince Pe) with POOR PLANNING.


i) not having your food prepped

ii) not having your gym clothes ready the night before

iii) not researching the foods that are available when we have to eat off plan at a restaurant or event.

iv) not have 2-3 back-up options to eat if we find ourselves in a situation outside of our control.

This is POOR PLANNING (and will lead nowhere).

To get more done in your day and get the most out of your life, it all begins with preparation by creating a “to do” list that is supportive of your goals .



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