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“I was struggling with my weight for quite some time and tried so many diets…”

One of my favourite STRONG MOMMY Transformations courtesy of the gorgeous Jen M. who dropped 35 lbs and is not only looking incredible and also feeling fantastic!

With a strategy of eating whole foods, plenty of food flexibility, and an introduction into weight lifting (and moving away from mind numbing cardio), she knocked her goals out of the park surpassing what she originally planned out for herself. Even better she shredded an incredible 7 inches around her belly button, 6 inches off of her things, and another 6 inches off of her hips!

Jen says, “When I first decided to sign up with Jenny I didn’t know what to expect. I had been struggling with my weight for quite some time and tried a number of different diets, etc. I knew I wanted to not only lose weight but get stronger and look healthier and fit and looking at Jenny’s other client success stories that how they all appeared!

I sent Jenny my goals, which were more aggressive goals than I ever set for myself but since working with a coach I thought I would see what I could do. I am so pleased to not have only met my aggressive goal but surpassed it! Fast forward to today, I am stronger, leaner, healthier and happier than I ever imagined!”

Once again, we show how a mommy can balance life, health, and a fit lifestyle together. I have so much more Jen to share, including a step-by-step strategy that we took in detail, coming soon! So proud of you Jen!!!

Find out more about our Coaching services and find out how you can be a STRONG MOMMY at http://jvbstronggirls.com


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