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Looking for faster weight loss? Read how water can help!

Client – “Jenny my diet is on point but I’m starting to feel low energy, my weight is fluctuating, and my strength is waning. I’m not sure what’s going on?”

Jenny – “Are you drinking all of your assigned water?”

Client – “Not really. I tend to forget.”

Jenny – “Drink your 3-4 Litres daily please”

New clients always start off talking to me about weight loss and I always move the conversation to metabolism (because of my commitment to long term fat loss) but what does metabolism exactly mean? In a nutshell metabolism is the sum total of all the chemical reactions in the body but more specifically when it comes to calorie burning metabolism, I am referring to thermic efficiency.

So naturally an increased thermic rate within our bodies increases the requirement for water. Since consistent exercise is a big component of my fat loss strategy with my clients and (thermic rate is higher), the energy substrates that are in our muscles (such as ATP, CP, and glycogen) requires more intracellular water to perfrom more work and also recover…basically your body runs “hotter”. This would be the same as someone living in a hotter climate in the world (obviously requiring more water) versus someone living in a colder environment.

The term anabolic is the phase in metabolism in which simple substances are synthesized into the complex materials of living tissue so when our cells are hydrated it also means our cells are anabolic so in other words, we can’t make very much progress in a dehyrdrated state and if you’re thinking about a smooth dieting process with continued progress without water, you can forget it!  I’m constantly on my own clients to drink up to 4 litres regularly and once they embrace that process (along with dietary compliance and exercise), weight loss is guaranteed.

In fact you’re likely to see increased water retention as it is the body’s protective mechanism to keep us safe and you can bet we’re not going to be looking very good retaining water.

Biologically speaking, creatine is responsible for supplying energy to our muscles due to higher energy demand (which is a huge contributor to our fat loss efforts) so if you want to get look better, get stronger, perform better, feel great, and look younger so we need to stay hydrated!

If you see me on a regular basis, it would be hard pressed to see me without my large VOSS 800 ml water bottle (which is filled up 4-5 times per day).

If you’re looking to successfully continue on your diet with continued progress along with feeling energetic in the process, don’t forget that all the processes involving fat loss at the cellular level happens in a hydrophilic (i.e. “water loving”) metabolic environment…so don’t forget to drink your water!!! 🙂

Coach JVB-WATer.jpg

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