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Weight Loss in a nutshell…

One of the biggest reasons people fail or give up on their diet is because they’ve never truly understood the process or been given realistic expectations for true fat loss. When it comes to weight loss, there will be good weeks and slow weeks. But if you’re fully compliant there are never, ever bad weeks or even reasons to be discouraged.

Most of us have tried fad diets in the past and may have lost some weight off right off the bat and this is usually followed by the weight being put back on because the methods were too extreme. I’ll repeat over and over again that this is NOT a good dieting strategy. This would be like getting your hair done and having it look fantastic after the salon only to have it all fall off the next week.

A great dieting strategy is one that is long lasting, sustainable and maintainable. This process takes time and does not happen overnight just like gaining body fat doesn’t happen after consuming one off plan meal.

When it comes to dieting and achieving your dream body, don’t rush the process and certainly don’t add unnecessary stress by checking your weight daily or living by the numbers. That is yo-yo dieting behaviour.

Understand that the process is a journey (provided you plan to keep it off permanently). There will be a lot of success and there will also be a fair amount of struggle. It will also require patience. Settle in for the long run, master your behaviours and choices, give thorough thought to common obstacles that can derail your progress, enjoy the changes and learn from your struggles, and focus on embracing new habits that are more inline with your goals as a LIFESTYLE.

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