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Daily Rituals


With 2016 now here (YAY!), I want to ask you all how many of you achieved what you set out to do for the year? How many of you had actual objectives? Some of the things that I’m going to be focusing on with my clients on an interactive basis is goal setting, making true decisions, leaning from your decisions, staying committed to your decisions (but flexible with your approach), and (most importantly) enjoying the decisions you made. Of course all of this encompasses diet and training but obviously can cover a lot of other things in your lives as well.

What really changed my life a few years back was to create STRONG, personal, guilt-free behaviours that are congruent to my goals as a person, as a wife (and now as a mother), and as business woman that are done on a DAILY BASIS.

Make no mistake in thinking that my rules that I apply to myself are righteous or correct (you might actually disagree with them) but these are rules for me to ensure my life is more productive and also stress free.

So what I’m encouraging all of you to do is the same thing (i.e. I will not allow others to dictate the way I feel about myself, I will not allow others to talk me out of my fitness goals, etc.) by starting out with a handful of daily rituals. Over time, your list will likely grow because you too will grow as a person.

1) I create a “to do” list at the start and the end of my day. Always.
2) I often refer to my monthly and yearly goals to see how close (or far) I am from achieving them. Then make adjustments as needed and start steering myself in the right direction.
3) My husband and my son are everything to me. Quality time with them on a daily basis is the most important thing in my life.
4) There are 3 phases that my day revolves around: i) Work Time: work, home, errands, exercise, etc. ii) Grow Time: 1-2 hours per day dedicated to my goals through research, reading, or courses. iii) Unwind Time: where I disconnect, close my computer, ignore my phone, and connect with family and friends.
5) I will share my experiences and give away free information on a daily basis. I’m blessed to have gotten this far in my life by meeting so many others that have provided me guidance and shared their knowledge. I hope my experiences are helpful to others too.
6) I will always write with passion. Helping and encouraging others in my writing keeps the passion burning. Witnessing others grow into stronger human beings makes me stronger in return.
7) Everything that happens to me – both good and bad – is my own responsibility. I will blame nobody but myself. The choices I make are mine alone. All of the consequences of my actions are also mine alone.
8) I write something new every day revolving around personal gratitude, achievement, and dieting psychology/fitness/nutrition – this is me. And this is a constant.
9) I will learn something new every day.
10) I do not talk or text on the phone unless it is scheduled or there is purpose. There is just too much to do in the day.
11) There are no failures in life! Every obstacle that is put in front of us in life is an opportunity in disguise – don’t forget that.

These daily rituals allows me to easily create monthly and yearly goals. I even have a 10 year goal (and a retirement plan) and believe me when I say, a few years ago I definitely wasn’t the type of person to plan this far ahead in my life.

The moment you decide life will be shaped by what you decide…and not what life simply throws your way and figuring it out after that…is the day you will feel most empowered.

Let’s make 2016 our most prosperous one to date! 😀

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