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Investing In Yourself

Benjamin Franklin said, “Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of.”

I want to ask you all how important your lives are? More specifically how important the quality of your life will be in the future and what you’re willing to do now to make it a more comfortable (and simply better) place tomorrow?

With 2015 coming to a close, I’ve already finished my 2016 goals. The great news is, I accomplished just about everything I set out to do this year (aside from missing the National Women’s Show which might have been over ambitious on my part as a new mommy lol). With 2016 just around the corner and my goals so much bigger than this year’s, I’m realistic and mature enough to admit that I know exactly what I don’t know so over the last few months I’ve put together a team to help contribute to the greater improvement of my life (both personally and professionally).

Creating a team around me to help me grow past my own potential was the absolute best investment in my life!

I’ve hired a Trainer (3 actually), a Massage Therapist, an ART therapist, a Chiropractor, a Naturopath, I will be working with renowned Nutritionists/Dieting Psychologists Marc David (author of Nourishing Wisdom) and Emily Rosen, and have also hired a Business Coach.

Even better, I’ve committed a lot of time to helping develop some of my veteran STRONG GIRL clients with their own careers! More on this later because this deserves its own post.

All of the above are mostly “firsts” for me but at this stage in my life – to get to new levels of achievement, I’m not going to be able to do it alone especially without some expertise guidance.

Working with a Trainer in a one-on-one capacity simply allows me to turn off my mind as I’m constantly thinking of plans, programs, videos, movement, injuries, dieting, what show someone should compete in, etc. (the list goes on…) which, in turn, allows me to increase the intensity of my own workouts and simply enjoy training.

As a new mommy that is highly active, I’m also aware that my body needs to be functioning optimally so seeing an RMT, a ART therapist, and Chiropractor helps improve my range of motion, flexibility, alignment, muscular endurance, speeds up recovery, and vastly improved muscle stability and recruitment. At 9 months Postpartum, I feel fantastic and stronger than ever and (for the most part) avoided most of the common muscle and postural imbalances common to new mommies.

In March, I have the fortunate opportunity to work very closely with Marc David and Emily Rosen (2 Professionals who’s work I greatly admire in the field of Nutritional Psychology) in an intensive program to expand my expertise of services as a Certified Eating Psychology Coach.

In January, I will also be working with a Business Coach for the first time in my life. I’ve had the blessed opportunity to watch my business grow year after year by simply giving out free information, showcasing my awesome clients (who continue to inspire me daily), and just loving what I do every second of the day (this is a truly powerful 3-step formula by the way). But as in any endeavour, the best investment anyone can make is to steadily increase your knowledge by learning from an expert and mentor.

Was any of the above free of charge to me? Absolutely not! It’s an INVESTMENT in (a lot!) of my time and money. More importantly it’s an ADVENTURE to me because everything is new and outside of my comfort zone!

For those of you that have taken the first step in hiring a coach to make that first investment in yourself by improving your health and your life, congratulations! Yay! Please note that is only the FIRST STEP. Your continued engagement, questions, and overall commitment to your goals (which is really a commitment to yourself) is the real investment! Without any dialogue or action, then it is not a very good return on your investment.

Even though the beginning of the calendar year is symbolic to start anew, I encourage you to start your day off right (ever day) and not just in the new year.

Don’t squander your valuable time continually putting things off because discovering new things in life can truly be the most incredible adventure you’ve ever had! 🙂

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  1. Valerie Preston says

    very well said Jenny…. all the best to you and yours and it was very nice to see you and the gang for our annual Christmas Luncheon. …stay strong and keep writing these inspiring positive posts. I know they make me feel better and want to do better….xo
    auntie val xo (your crazy aunt who went to the lunch with one forgotten curler in her hair, which gave great curl by the way….lol….) merry Christmas!

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