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Prenatal Hair and Postpartum Hair

What the heck??? I remember vividly my thick, shiny, long beautiful #hair when I was pregnant. In fact I don’t remember my hair ever looking or feeling so great! It was amazing!

Fast forward to today and, again, I utter “What the heck?”

Let’s get something straight – most women will lose about 100 hairs a day on average when showering or brushing because that hair is no longer actively growing. Of course that really doesn’t account for much so it’s of minimal consequence.

Looking back to when I was #pregnant, our hormones are changing along with the changes in a soon-to-be mommy’s body so hair can keep growing and growing and growing. Hair that would normally get brushed out lessens leaving us with much thicker and even shiner hair. Yay!

Of course postpartum, hormones change in the opposite direction with estrogen plummeting and a few months later all of the hair that didn’t fall out when we were pregnant suddenly start to come out in clumps! Argh!

Now I have these Wolfman bangs from the 80’s, my hair seems thin (in relation to prenatal but it’s not), my hair is also dry, and there’s no life to it. As I’m going through this for the first time, I’m assured that everything will be back to normal soon.

I would love to hear hair stories from other #StrongMoms out there who experienced this and what some of their remedies or solutions were


Strong Like 80’s Bangs


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