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Hire A Trainer…at least once in your life

As a Trainer, I can get lost in my own schedule of managing my clients which can result in subpar intensity levels for my own workouts (even with a massive home gym in my basement).
As a new Mommy, my duties at home (coupled with managing my business) has had me feeling overwhelmed at times too so working with another Trainer allows me to mentally shut down, let go of all my stresses for an hour, gives me another set of eyes to assess my own physique/tempo/form/intensity levels, and helps me push far beyond my comfort zone.
Last Friday I visited SWAT (Synergy Wellness Attitude Training) to do some conditioning work with my good friend Kyle Ardill and, boy oh boy, am I still feeling the effects of that session today.
Even better, it was so therapeutic just to let go and give control of my training to someone else (even as a Trainer myself).
Don’t let giving up control be difficult especially if you’re working with a professional. Personally it’s been years since I’ve worked in a One-On-One Training setting and training with a Pro that does is an amazing investment! Can’t wait until the next session!

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