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Plan, plan, plan when it comes to Weight Loss

One of the biggest challenges that new mommies have with #Postpartum weight loss is where to start. It’s so easy to let the hectic lifestyle of being a parent overwhelm us and eating habits get thrown out the door…even completely lost for that matter.
When I begin work with a client, the best course of action is obviously the one that works best for them (we all have different lifestyles and responsibilities) but before being able to figure that out in detail we must begin to accurately track nutrition and workouts. This is likely my first recommendation to anyone starting on their weight loss journey and even progressing along with their fitness goals!
As a new Mommy myself, I’m still learning how to balance my schedule and workload while being attentive to my growing 8 month old Baby Boy so knowing exactly what I’m eating in advance (and exactly how much) allows me to keep adequately fuelled and also on track with my fitness goals. My Protein, Carbohydrates, Dietary Fats, and Vitamin/Mineral intake is all measured and accounted for in advance which also allows me a few flexible meals (no measuring here) during the week for variety.
By removing the “guess work” out of what I’m eating (and how much), there are no surprises with weight gain, fatigue, lack of energy, or even my weekly food budget leaving me with even more time to play with my son, manage my business, and also continue with my own personal goals with energy and vitality.
While it’s easy to let our schedules get the best of us and just “go with the flow”, over time, this rarely works out for anyone. By simply planning ahead, we know exactly what will give us the best results and also to make the right adjustments when needed.

photo by Liana Lauzon

MUH by Florencia Taylor

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