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One of the biggest obstacles a person might face when trying to lose weight is peer pressure from friends/family to eat off plan or even skip assigned workouts.
While I certainly encourage an off plan meal in the week for flexibility purposes while dieting and even working particular foods into your plan, the bottom line is a strategy must be adhered to for the long term if one is to achieve a particular goal so if you don’t have social support (most of us won’t by the way) then be confident in your choices by taking charge as a leader because people will eventually respect your decisions even if it seems at first that they don’t.
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to work with a client who overcomes these obstacles eventually growing into a person that now offers advice and support to others simply because they now ‪#‎LeadByExample‬ rather than just “following the crowd”.
Taking charge of your health is admirable and never forget that YOU are the one making the right choices, not them. Don’t let anyone ever talk you out of that – lead by example.


Photo: Arsenik Studios

MUH: Lori Fabrizio of 2 Chicks and Some Lipstick

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