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Feed Your Faith So Your Fears Starve To Death

Feed your faith so your fears starve to death.

Fear is a result of over thinking that often leads to negative thoughts. It’s a vicious cycle that can leave you feeling not good enough. Negative thinking can become a habit of the mind, picked up from others or maybe it’s the household you grew up in? Or it can be a bunch of shitty things that happened to you that you just can’t overcome.

It takes work, self healing and guts to change your mindset from negative to positive. It doesn’t happen over night but the first step is recognizing the problem. Do you have negative thoughts? do you second guess yourself constantly? Do you over analyze everything? Do you self sabotage with substances like food, drugs or alcohol? Do you compare yourself to others? It’s these types of thoughts that can change and interfere with the person you can be and deter you from things you dream to accomplish.

The one thing I do and encourage my clients to do is self affirmation. Say something good about YOU! What do you like about yourself? What are you proud of? What are your ambitions? Concentrate on those and repeat daily. Replace any negative thought that enters your mind with a positive affirmation.


Learn how to have faith. Faith is the complete confidence or trust in a person or thing but more importantly have faith in yourself. Know that you can be a more positive person and you will accomplish your goals. Have faith in you, your decisions, other people and faith in a higher power, whatever your beliefs may be.

Embracing faith will give you the strength to overcome almost anything. Faith is positivity and positivity attracts good energy. That is the virtuous cycle you want to be in. 🙂

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