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One of my favourite client progress pictures courtesy of the beautiful Melanie G. who’s awesome progress was the result of simply creating dieting structure while also enjoying plenty of food flexibility (fun on the weekends and holidays) and consistently pushing herself at the gym.

This STRONG GIRL is down 15 lbs along with shredding 4 inches off her hips and another 4 inches around her belly button! More importantly the images and her change in appearance is out of this world!

Melanie says, “I honestly can’t believe how easy it was to get to where I am right now. I though weight gain was inevitable because of my age or even genetics and thought it was going to be impossible to get back into the shape I was in when I was in my 20s and that I just needed to accept it…but man am I glad I didn’t give up and decided to reach out to you and become a #StrongGirl.

You made it so simple – Here’s the process, follow it, if you have any questions please message me, get assistance from the team in the Private Group, and you will make progress. It’s exactly what I needed. Not only did I surpass my weight loss goals but, more importantly, my self esteem has improved significantly!

I don’t shy away from social outings anymore because now I look forward to them. I don’t cry in front of the mirror anymore either because I actually enjoy my reflection. I truly believe this has been life changing for me, not so much in how I look, but more in how I feel!”

More Melanie…coming soon 😀

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