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Thanksgiving Mommy Circuit

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am truly blessed and thankful for this past year. Becoming a Mommy and having my beautiful son makes the holidays a little more special (actually way more special). This year we decided to celebrate in Bahamas for our first family vacation. Although we will miss all our family in Toronto we are so excited to spend time on the beach the 3 of us. Lets hope Jackson cooperates on the plane (eek!).

For everyone who is here celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this time of year can get super busy especially for Mommies who tend to take on the brunt of the work like; planning the holiday gathering, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, cooking the turkey dinner while entertaining the kiddos. This is a lot of work and a lot of time and more often than not Mommies will put off their own tasks and goals to make sure the family is taken care of, sound about right? If you are working on yourself, have fitness goals or trying to lose weight  don’t just throw away all your hard work for a 1-2 day event. If you have to adjust your schedule or change your workout to a quick circuit than do it! You’ll feel happy, energized and be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Here are my 6 Thanksgiving Tips to make your holiday as pleasant and smooth as possible.

  1. Get a 15-20 minute circuit in
  2. Take a family walk
  3. If you can’t eat one of your scheduled meals because of timing replace it with one of the following 1. protein shake and a small handful of almonds, 2. 1 cup of Greek yogurt and a piece of fruit, or 3. A protein bar (Absolute Whey Bars…my fav!) 
  4. Enjoy turkey dinner, a glass of vino and dessert with NO GUILT!
  5. Don’t stress out if you forgot the carrots or didn’t clean the baseboards before the guests arrive (no one will notice!).
  6. Breath, reflect and spend quality time with family. Let everyone know what you are thankful for 🙂

Quick Metabolic Circuits

If you have a Bosu this is a great quick circuit and if not try my other metabolic body weight circuits. They are quick easy and super effective.

  1. Bosu Thanksgiving Mommy Circuit
  2. Fit-Mommy Killer Circuit #2
  3. Lose The Baby Weight Circuit

From my family to yours we wish you a VERY HAPPY and HEALTHY THANKSGIVING! 🙂


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