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No Crust Chicken and Spinach Quiches

These quick and easy quiches are perfect to make ahead of time so you don’t skip breakfast (bid no no!). I make these a couple days before and store in the  fridge for up tp 4 days. I personally have 4 for breakfast with a side of toast or oatmeal.

Reheat the quiches for 10-15 seconds in the micro wave or 1 minute in the toaster oven, a splash of hot sauce and they are good to go.

No Crust Chicken and Spinach Quiches (For more recipes like this download my Strong Like Mommy Ebook) 

12 egg whites

2 whole eggs

300 g ground chicken

1 onion chopped

6 handfuls of spinach

Sea salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chicken or steak spice – all to taste


Preheat Oven to 400F degrees

Mix all ingredients together until combines

Spray non-stick muffin tins with spray of your choice (I use coconut oil spray)

Scoop mixture ¾ of each muffin tin

Bake for 15 minutes

SERVING SIZE –  Recipe make 12-13 Quiches and I have 4 for my breakfast

Each Quiche has the following calories and macro-nutrient breakdown.



CARBS – 2 g

FAT – 1 g


  1. Andrea says

    These look awesome and I am going to make them! Silly question but is the chicken mixed in uncooked or cooked?

  2. Andrea says

    I just made these yummy Quiches!! My new breakfast meal. I am a mushroom lover and added some in as well. Thanks for the delicious recipe and getting back to me so quickly. Your blog inspires me.

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