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Fit-Mommy Killer Circuit #2

Have no time? Try my second Fit-Mommy Killer Circuit and #LoseTheBabyWeight

My little guys didn’t want to nap so I brought the Bumbo outside and he watched Mommy huff and puff …he even giggled.

Start off by completing two rounds and work yourself up to the third in a couple of days. Try the circuit outdoors while the weather is still beautiful and let me know how it goes. Oh yes…I also had Ice Cream for my PWO. IMG_2677

One of my favourite post workout ‘fun food’ is a Skinny Cow Ice Cream. Why? Because they are the perfect combination of simple carbs and low fat with 30 g Carbs, 3 g Protein and only 2 g of fat and only 140 calories. One Ice cream sandwich with a protein shake powered by New Zealand Whey Isolate (22 g Protein per serving) is the perfect way to end off a butt kicking.

My workouts are quick and efficient and my food is Yummy…Strong Girls Style 🙂


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  2. Girl, have you tried It’s Essential bars? I dont eat like I should by skipping out on breakfast often, so I usually grab one of them a day to go. For a Narcoleptic, they give me a good amount of energy! But it is a healthy weightloss, dietary fiber bar. Sorry Im not trying to sell you anything, but I love to tell people about our products because I love all natural things and refuse to put anything in my body thats harmful! **

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