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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress

I am beyond proud of Jennine J’s amazing ‪#‎progress‬. She came to me a few short months ago looking to for strategies to eat better and feel ‪#‎healthy‬ as she suffered from headaches and migraines for years. Jennine is also on medication to combat early stages of Cervical Cancer so we had to be very strategic with her programming.
After a few weeks of assessing her range of motion, biomechanics, and strength progress, we had identified a lot of tightness in her trapezius muscles that was the root of her headaches as a simple movement with a very light bicep curl would bring this on. I suggested to bring my findings to her Chiropractor and we put together a strategy to break apart the scar tissue that was built up in this area and, the great news is, she has now slowly resumed exercise for the purpose of Stabilization and Strength Endurance with simple band work and increased range of motion.
Jennine says, “Hi Jenny!!! I’m very excited that finally at some point I might be migraine free! All thanks to YOU!
All these years I just thought I was too out of shape and that’s why every time I did a workout I would die for the next 3 days with a migraine. Years of seeing neurologists, endocrinologists, family doctors, even chiropractors and I still had migraines for years with no real solutions other than stronger pain killers.
You connected the dots and uncovered the cause was something wrong with my shoulders and arms that caused the pain and assured me it is not just because I am a newbie to exercise!
Thanks to you I will finally be migraine-free at some point!”
Even with reduced exercise output, this STRONG GIRL is also following a diet comprised of whole foods with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and water to keep her system alkalized and to fight the symptoms of her cancer medication.
Jennine also adds, “I wanted to also tell you that I have lost over 10 inches around my body and my husband also pointed out some wonderful things about my health since working with you:
– I no longer take sleeping pills
– We don’t get into arguments about what is for dinner (biggie for us!!)
– I no longer have nights I am up vomiting
– I no longer have days I feel sick randomly
– I have more energy and nap less
– I tolerate my medications better with fewer side effects
– I am not quite as moody (but he still runs for cover during PMS haha)
– He no longer dreads clothes shopping with me, as he says I’m now a happy shopper instead of “shopping with malice”
– You may be the one that has solved the mystery of my migraines for years and the key to eliminating them
– And to boot, he thinks I’m looking hotter than ever!”

Jennine is a very special case for me much like my beloved Jackie J. because all I can think of is “I may have ‪#‎cancer‬ but cancer will never have me”. Epitome of a ‪#‎STRONGGIRL‬.
So gosh darn proud of Jennine.




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