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You only get out, what you put into it

I have the pleasure of coaching many women around the globe with their fitness goals and part of my process to get them to where they want to be involves biweekly check-ins where I not only assess physical progress but also (very important) behavioural changes.

While weight loss is usually the initial focus, the work I do with my clients is a journey of overcoming behaviours that no longer add value to their health/well-being and to begin embracing new habits that are more inline with their goals.

One of the most common situations that some of my clients experience is disappointment in their progress and while it’s completely normal to want things to go faster (don’t we all?), the reality is it won’t. The body will respond when it’s ready but, we can all rest assured that with Dietary Compliance, it will happen.

Now this is where I start on my Coaching Rant – NOBODY has any right to be disappointed with their progress if they are ‪#‎OffPlan‬ – more FREE MEALS consumed than assigned, gigantic FREE MEALS, BLTs (bites, licks, and tastes), missing meals, alcohol, completely off plan, and just extra, extra, extra all around. What the heck???

This is where I give my clients a ‪#‎RealityCheck‬ – There is no progress without compliance. Period.

The biggest obstacle in fat loss success for anyone is Dietary Compliance and 90% is the bare minimum level of acceptable compliance that doesn’t compromise results. If you want better compliance, 100% is better than 90%.

But anything less than 90%…that’s just not going to cut it.

No matter how well designed and individualized a nutritional strategy is, if you don’t follow it it’s not going to work (“A plan is only as good as the person following it”). Also the last thing this process will be is easy! This is not easy. It’s gosh darn HARD WORK!!!


My style of coaching preaches lots of food flexibility but this certainly doesn’t mean a free-for-all with food or a “sorta/kinda” approach to dieting.

When it comes to physique development, we’re all in this for results and to achieve these results, requires us to follow a plan.

A great physique is earned but I’ll also add to that – being disappointed in your progress is also earned. If you didn’t do the work, you don’t get to be disappointed with your results.

To my STRONG GIRLS that are slacking – PICK UP YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES AND GET BACK ON PLAN. 100% compliance.

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