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Baby Shoulder Presses

Because time is of the essence for all new Mommies, sometimes getting to the gym on a regular basis isn’t a realistic goal but that’s not to say we can’t get our workouts in with some creativity!
One of the simplest movements we can do with our Baby is Seated or Standing Shoulder Presses. I recommend performing these when Baby is 3 months or older so the experience of being lifted up and down in a controlled manner is both pleasant and fun.
This can be also be used as an alertness game in addition to getting a quick and short shoulder workout in that also allows us to engage our core muscles, preparing us to help build the strength necessary when we’re ready to return to the gym on a more regular basis.

– Stand in neutral position with legs shoulder width apart/In seated position with legs
– Mommy holds baby firmly under arm pits and around the waist
– Straighten arms upwards without locking elbows
– Pause Baby at the top and smile
– Keep core tight at all times avoiding over arching of the lower back
– Lower baby back down to starting position

My baby boy Jackson loves Shoulder Presses with his Mommy 🙂


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