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STRONG LIKE MOMMY Biweekly Progress – Jovana G.

I’ve been a little behind showcasing my STRONG GIRLS client progress but thought I would start off with an insane one so I’ll just say this – Crazy. That’s the word that echoes in my head when I see Jovana Golubovic’s progress…and this is just from the back!
My client Jovana came to me a few months ago looking to lean out and, as a former competitive athlete in Basketball, frequently engaged in lengthy Bootcamp classes, some occasional CrossFit, and way too much cardio for my liking so we scaled all of that back and focused on exercise that was more inline with her goals by lowering volume, focusing on mobility and intensity as we created a reasonable caloric deficit through her diet which included plenty of food flexibility.
Because of her competitive sports history in the past, Jovana also had a number of injuries including a torn rotator cuff, a torn meniscus, and some older ligament tears in her ankles so this was no easy task to navigate through.
Fast forward to today and this STRONG MOMMY is down 57 lbs (!!!) along with tightening up in key areas including shredding off 11 insane inches around her waist, 8 inches around her hips, and 6 inches around her thighs. While these numbers are certainly awesome, the biggest highlight is she is health, strong, and feeling fantastic!
After surgery, this STRONG GIRL is on her way to healing fully and we are in full Rehab/Prehab mode as we have designed a program to increase her range of motion and mobility as we slowly increase her intensity levels and volume to work on some muscle imbalances from her injuries.
Jovana says, “Jenny thank you for the support and encouragement you continue to give me because I know my injuries have held me back at the gym but now I’m ready to get back into it a 100%!
Even though the journey so far hasn’t been easy and there have been bumps along the way, I’m so happy about my results and what’s yet to come. Being active again has really changed my life for the better and I’m so happy to have more energy to run around and play with my kids…and more strength to overpower them when it’s bedtime haha!
I am also loving clothes shopping again and most importantly, I finally feel good in my own skin. I’m happy, I am healthy, and I feel amazing!”
I cannot wait to share more of Jovana’s journey!!!


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