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Good Habits from a STRONG MOMMY

I had to share this amazing post by TEAM STRONG GIRLS Coach, Kim G.

A Habit – from Wikipedia; is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously.

No matter if you live an extremely regimented and scheduled lifestyle or are a free spirit who lives life day by day, we all have habits. Some we consider good healthy habits while others maybe not so much, and it’s these that can cause us some internal struggles. We know that we are doing things that are not benefiting us but the unconscious nature and ease of these actions is difficult to break away from, and even harder to change and replace with new more productive behaviours.

So the question then becomes how do I replace old habits with new ones? I’d love to say I have the magic answer to that question but unfortunately I do not. Just as all of us are unique so are our behaviours and the methods that will motivate us take action and implement changes. What I can say though is that I believe a good starting place is to make a plan that sets the ball in motion one step at a time, vs trying to change everything all at once and racing to the finish line (which if you take this approach you’ll likely never see because it will become too overwhelming).
One of the first things my husband and I did when things were starting to get out of control with work, the kids and just a busy family life in general was we started waking up at 6am together (about an hour before our daughters wake up) and stopped hitting snooze on the alarm. Making time for each other is important to us, and by creating this habit it’s allowed us to start each day off peacefully and on the right foot. It sets the tone for the rest of the day as well since we aren’t rushing around trying to “beat the clock”, and by the time the kids wake up (which they are both raring to go the second their eyes pop open lol) we’ve already had our breakfast and coffee so are ready and waiting for them.

It was truly a small change that we made but has made the world of difference. Taking the time and making the effort to create habits that take care of yourself will always pay dividends.

– Coach Kim

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