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Attention all Fitness Professionals!

Register for the @canfitpro world fitness expo for some awesome fitness education, expo hall, and join me on Friday August 14 from 2:45-3:15 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Expo Hall Lecture Room.

I will be presenting successful dieting and exercise strategies for both Prenatal and Postnatal women including common pregnancy symptoms and solutions, sample meal/supplement plans, sample exercise programs for pregnancy, and how to avoid/remedy “mommy tummy” (Diastasis Recti).

Come out as I would love to see you at my #StrongLikeMommy session!


Catch all the action at http://www.worldfitnessexpo.com #worldfitnessexpo #gofurther #InteractiveNutrition #TreadmillFactory #UnderArmourWomen.


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