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Looking to spruce up your workouts? Try incorporating some Resistance Band work into your programming!

Clearly I love incorporating Resistance Bands into my workouts because they are portable, cheap, and extremely versatile. For my clients that are very new to exercise, I prescribe quite a bit of band work in the beginning of their programs for the purpose of establishing better ‪#‎NeuromuscularControl‬ and ‪#‎Stability‬ simply because it’s very hard to cheat a movement using resistance bands.

Even better, elastic resistance offers many movements and directions of motion for exercises along different planes such as Frontal and Transverse which are often neglected as one becomes more sedentary over time. Not surprisingly, most athletic injuries occur in the Frontal and Transverse planes too (i.e. Rotator Cuff, Knee injuries, Groin, etc.).

For me personally, in the past I’ve always had a challenging time activating my rear delts regardless of the numerous exercises I tried ranging from Dumbbells, Barbells, and Machines. It wasn’t until I began incorporating “Band Pull Aparts” where I was truly able to isolate my rear delts using elastic resistance by better stabilizing my shoulder complex (rotator cuff, rhomboids, traps, rear delts) eventually allowing me to really train this area with gravity based, weight lifting movements using heavier resistance and (more importantly) much better form.

I’ve also had great success in helping clients better contract under active muscles either due to injuries or postural imbalances which is why I love incorporating some Muscle Activation Band movements not only in their warm-up, but also in-between their exercises for short phases.

Again the reason I love some elastic resistance with my programming is because we can’t cheat a movement using momentum or jerking a weight into position like we can with weights. To me, the bands serve as not only a warm up but a reminder on isolating a muscles using ‪#‎ProperForm‬ with heavier resistance.


Resistance Bands (and my home gym equipment) courtesy of The ‪#‎TreadmillFactory‬


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