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I just love this picture. Love, love, love it. I don’t even need to provide much detail because the images truly describe my client Manja H’s transformation who came to me soon after the birth of her 2nd child and WOWZERS does she ever give new meaning to the title #StrongMommy

By eating more food and simply kicking butt in the gym, she is down 27 lbs along with shredding 8 inches around her waist, 5 inches around her hips, and 4 inches around her thighs with more strength, energy, and a hot new body for the summer.

Manja says, “Working with Coach Jenny has been life changing! After giving birth to my second daughter within two years, I was left feeling weak. My babies were both large at birth and I was left with very serious core instability and diastasis recti. I knew immediately that I needed help getting back into shape because I could not live with the discomfort and debilitating lack of strength. I wanted to experience dramatic results so I chose to work with Jenny based on the success stories I saw among her team of Strong Girls.

The skills which I have learned from being a STRONG GIRL are ingrained now and will be my lifestyle going forward. I feel young, like myself again, and I didn’t think I could ever look this good after having kids. I’m forever grateful.”

I’m so proud of Manja and cannot wait to share more of the details of her program in my upcoming STRONG LIKE MOMMY #Postnatal ebook…coming soon!


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