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My 3 ‘Must Haves’ for Diaper Changes

With my Baby Boy at 6 weeks old, I’ve been changing diapers 8-12 times a day and the words ‘poo, poop, poopy, and pee’ have become a HUGE part of my vocabulary (haha). During the first couple of weeks my baby was at his most fussy during diaper changes so anything thing that would make the the process smoother – I was all for it! These 3 products are my ‘Mommy must-haves’ for the never-ending diaper changes:

1. #WipeWarmer – I received this handy gadget from a good friend and it actually arrived in the mail two weeks into motherhood so I witnessed firsthand how my baby reacted to cold wipes…and it wasn’t pretty! When I used the wipe warmer it was music to my ears (as in no crying) and all smiles to my face. It made diaper changes so much more enjoyable for the both of us. I definitely recommend this little luxury for Baby and Mommy!
2. Baby Balm – I’m definitely not a fan of unnatural products especially for fresh newborn skin so it still amazes me how many products (baby products included) are sold on shelves. I encourage everyone to read labels and know what we’re putting on the bums of our precious babies so I’ve been using #BabyBalm from ‘#AbundanceNaturallyBaby’ and I love it! It’s made with different natural oils such as grape seed oil, beeswax, peppermint leaf oil, flower oil, sandalwood, marshmallow root, and vitamin E. More importantly, it’s free from petroleum and zinc-oxide (i.e. chemicals). The therapeutic blend of ingredients heals baby’s soft, delicate skin without drying it out or acting like a wetness barrier that doesn’t allow the skin to breathe and my baby boy has yet to have any rashes, dryness or redness (yay!). I’ve also used it on his #CraddleCap and it cleared up in 2 days. I love this this stuff!
3. #PeePeeTeepees (for BOYS!) – So this favourite diaper changing item of mine is gender specific but is a must have for baby boys. I’m sure all the Mommies of precious boys can attest to the ‘PEE SPRAY’ in the face, hair, or in my case the mouth lol! After that memorable diaper change my husband reminded me of the Teepees we received as a shower gift which I originally thought was a gag gift. I gave them a try and now I’m certainly a believer.  The Pee Pee Teepee has definitely reduced the amount of ‘pee spray’,  the teepees keep the wee-wee covered and warm (avoiding the cold air trigger) during diaper changes and BOOM the hazard is averted and everyone is dry.
Until next time STRONG MOMMIES 🙂

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