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6 weeks Postpartum Accountability Check!

I’m 6 weeks postpartum and I finally have the ‘green light’ to lift heavier and increase metabolic and core stability training, the gloves are off and I’m picking up the intensity.

Since I am breastfeeding I’ll be eating healthy (as per usual) but eating what I want and when I want without counting calories. As part of my lifestyle ritual, I have a good idea of how much I need to eat with measurements of protein and carb sources along with keeping up dietary fat intake. One of the amazing things about breastfeeding is that you can burn up to 500 calories a day so my extra ice cream and cookie splurges balance out the energy deficit it creates (umm…bonus!).

I’m going to increase the volume of exercise along with intensity levels but will keep my sessions at no longer than 45 minutes (free time is of the utmost importance when you’re a new Mommy).

I’ll forego the typical cardio based work and save it for walks in the fresh air with my boy…and most importantly enjoy being a Mommy to Baby Jackson.



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