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6 Weeks into Motherhood

I am now 6 weeks postpartum and WOW! Motherhood has been quite the experience thus far.

I heard a lot of different things from so many different people prior to my delivery (i.e. what to expect, what was horrible, what was delightful, etc.) but I took everything with a grain of salt because as much as I love hearing other Mommy Stories I hated hearing how hard it was going to be and how there will be no time for anything, etc, etc, etc.

To be honest those comments just fuelled my fire to actually try to do more! I’m not saying that motherhood is easy because it’s not (far from it) but with a few adjustments, sacrifices (one being the state of my house lol) and lots and lots of planning I find that I am able to do even more than I expected.

I’ve adjusted to the shortage of sleep, erratic eating times, and when I’m breastfeeding I’m actually planning, planning, planning.  When baby sleeps, I take that opportunity to exercise (I’m blessed to have a sizeable home gym) and prep food. When I work, Baby Jackson works along with me in the FABULOUS #BabyBjorn (this is a life savior!).

I’m not going to attempt to paint a glorious picture of my day because there are a lot of late afternoons where I’m still wearing my pajamas and I’ve yet to brush my hair but that doesn’t matter when I look at my precious son and see him smiling and happy (fed, bathed, clean diaper, fresh clothes and tons of playtime).

Almost everything is doable with patience and accepting a new normal. I’m doing it and I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!



  1. Hi! Do you work or are you a stay at home mom? I’m looking to be a stay at home mom when our baby arrives & am hoping to also find time to get back into shape after baby 🙂

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