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Appetite’s Connection to Activity Level

Awesome post by Coach Al:

Here is a rhetorical question for you. Why is it that the people in the worst shape are the least active, and yet they often have the biggest appetite?

Wouldn’t you think that if they have all that spare energy stored in their body (fat) they would be less inclined to eat bigger meals? Especially if the same person is relatively sedentary throughout the day. The reality is that often the most sedentary individuals have the biggest appetites.

The answer lies in the connection between our appetite and our activity level. The reality is that they are closely linked in a U-shaped curve. A person who is very active on a daily basis has a big appetite and will eat food to support all of that activity. A person who is moderately active on a daily basis will eat less throughout the day but may have occasional binges in social settings or late nights i.e. during the periods when they are less active. A person who is totally sedentary (inactive) will eat whenever please and the meals will have no connection to caloric needs for activity throughout the day.

As you are less active you are less connected to your appetite. This destroys your ability to make appropriate decisions associated with your caloric needs from activities of daily living.

While weight management is primarily governed by your decisions in the kitchen, those decisions are guided by your connection to living an active lifestyle.


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