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STRONG LIKE MOMMY – Your guide to a healthy and fit pregnancy

It’s here! It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!!!

Along with the birth of my Baby Boy last week, I’m extremely excited to launch my Strong Like MOMMY Prenatal ebook which is a guide to a Healthy and Fit Pregnancy.

The protocols in my ebook chronicle my own personal Prenatal journey along with a handful of my clients in their journey towards motherhood. Find out how these STRONG MOMMIES stayed health, happy, and fit along with their some of their secrets in getting their bodies back soon after delivery!

– Eat clean and healthy meals which pack in the energy you need.
– Postural and Flexibility Movements
– 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester Training Programs
– For more daily energy, a better sense of well being, much faster postpartum recovery.
– Exercise Videos
– How to stop “MommyTummy”
– I’ll show you specific exercises you can perform to help control your MommyTummy.
– Supplement Recommendations
– Over 30 Recipes
– And so much more!

To purchase your STRONG LIKE MOMMY Prenatal ebook, head on over to my new website – www.jvbstronggirls.com

I am now hard at work putting together the STRONG LIKE MOMMY Postnatal ebook which will be ready later this year that will feature strategies on how my STRONG GIRLS bounced right back with their bodies immediately after child birth! Stay tuned.

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